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Client Testimonials & My Vineyard Concierge

What can I say but thank you!  You took great care of us during our Island stay and your warmth and energy shines through.  Everything was so perfect from the dinners to our family outings!  And your vast knowledge of holistic health was encouraging!  We can't wait to return to see you and the Island next summer!" 
Norah Swenson
Client, My Vineyard Concierge

"The production details for the concert have never been more professionally arranged than this past year with Jackie Kane and her company as producers. We greatly appreciate the collaboration."
Keith Lockhart
Conductor, The Boston Pops

“You should be proud of your tremendous work that resulted in a great success for a terrific cause."
Former Senator, John F. Kerry

"Were I more eloquent I might be able to express to you the appreciation the Hospital Board feels for the work you have done. Now that we are out of bankruptcy, we can begin to plan on building a new facility. Our new found optimism is directly traceable to the magic of the evening you created. Thank you." (Pops on the Vineyard)
Jonathan S. Barnett

Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Martha's Vineyard Hospital

Everything was perfect: the food, the wine, of course, the music."
The Vineyard Gazette
Tuesday, August 25, 1998

"Everyone has been raving about our event. Everyone has said it is the best Gala we have ever had and many said it was one of the best black tie events they have ever been to.  Congratulations on a great, great event."
Jonathan Moscone
Artistic Director, California Shakespeare Theater

"Words cannot express my gratitude. I feel abundantly blessed to be working in inspired community building. Our festival was a dream manifest and a hope fulfilled. May we continue to prosper and shine in Earth friendly goodness."
Elizabeth Carovillano, Former Dir., of Marketing
Whole Foods Market, Title Sponsor, Whole Earth Festival 2002, Los Angeles

"I was greeted by members of the Jacalyn Kane Production company who were courteous and helpful (not two qualities often found in show biz). The company did an excellent job and the show went without a hitch, even with a full evening of film and video clips. "
Leta Rector
Indian Country News, March 2006

"It was magical. It was our best show yet. Thank you."
Sandra DiCarlo
First Americans In The Arts, The Native American Film and Television Awards

"Jacalyn Kane is the quintessential professional. She has a sense of style and flair that is of the essence in special event fundraising and possesses great fundraising intuition and integrity. Jackie brings passion and joy to all that she lays her hands and heart."
Lorraine D. Sahagian
Former Director of Development, Martha's Vineyard Hospital

"What a fabulous tribute to Sandy Gooch! From the delicious food and wine to the heartfelt presentations, and from the great music to the wonderful set-up, the evening was a success from start to finish...congratulations again on a job well done!"
Bella Simon
Associate Director, The Weizmann Institute of Science

"I consider myself a festival aficionado and your Festival is one of the best ever!"
(Referring to Topanga Days Country Fair~ 2005)
Libby Molyneaux
Editor, LA Weekly Pick of The Week

"In life we can only dream of working with an associate like Jackie Kane. Jackie is a class act and she won't be involved with anything less."
Julie Dubois
Former President, Topanga Days Country Fair

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